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Poskad Raya [dah habis]


Poskad2 dah sampai. Siapa yang masih teringin nak place order bole lagi. Macam sebelum ni jugak, bole mix design. Depends on availability of design.

Harga $1.50 sekeping. Beli 4 free 1.
Order bole dibuat di mna_1402@yahoo.com atau YM di mna_1402.

Design1 = habis
Design2 = habis

100 left)

FRONT - Design1

FRONT - Design2

FRONT - Design2



Postcard Description:

  • Horizontal
  • 142mm x 110mm
  • 1677 x 1300 pixels
  • 300dpi commercial postcard printing
  • Paper: Premium, 215 gsm glossy card stock

*Photos and khat design in this postcards design are not to be reproduced in any way.


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